Short Film Program: Wild Child

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Tuesday, April 16 | 10:00 & 11:45am | Roundhouse Community Centre
Get in touch with your wild side with these films that explore our animal nature. These stories about feral children, woodland witches and little vampires will test the boundaries of our orderly lives.

Themes: change, fantasy and magic, acceptance, courage, exploration and human nature.


Daniel Sousa USA 13min

A wild boy is found in the woods by a solitary hunter and brought back to civilization.

RATING: PG (Violence)


Diane Obomsawin Canada 9min

This animated short by Diane Obomsawin tells the story of Kaspar, a young man who discovers life - and light - after spending his entire life in a dark cave with only a small wooden horse as company. Based on the story of Kaspar Hauser, the famous 19th century orphan who has inspired countless artists.

RATING: PG (Violence)


Kristen Campbell Canada 5min

A young girl and a red fox follow each other in nature through the seasons. Everything in their environment is seen as potential sustenance. A striking animation, Swift is a playful story about the organic cycles of life and the mental associations that the survival instinct can trigger.


2012 Winner  - TIFF Student Film Showcase - Best Animated Film

Swift, was produced as a graduating project at the Emily Carr University of Art + Design, Vancouver.


The Girl and the Fox

Tyler J. Kupferer USA 6min

A young girl must track a mysterious fox through a foreboding wilderness.

RATING: G (Violence)

The Old Woman in the Woods

Caroline Coutts Vancouver, Canada 26min

A Gothic fairy tale combining live action and stop motion puppet animation to tell the story of two little girls who disobey their mother for a glimpse into a magical other world and end up paying dearly for their caprice. The screenplay, adapted from the classic fairy tale "The New Mother," by Lucy Lane Clifford, is set in England in 1882.
In the film, Hanna and Mary meet an old woman with an ornate wooden box, inside which exists a magical fairytale land. The girls beg to see inside the box, but are told they are not grown-up enough. But they can prove they are grown-up by doing what they want, not what their mother tells them.
As the girls are manipulated into greater and greater demonstrations of wickedness, their mother is forced to abandon them. The new mother who replaces her is a terror to behold…

RATING: G ( May frighten young children)

Director Caroline Coutts will be in attendance.

Caroline Coutts was born in Wick, Scotland and moved to Canada with her family when she was three years old. She is a graduate of the Directors' Lab at the Canadian Film Centre in Toronto and has a B.A. in Psychology from the University of British Columbia. Caroline's work as a filmmaker references fables, fairy tales and myths. Her films take place long ago, or in fantasy worlds, and evidence a distinct visual style. In storytelling, Caroline strives for a subversive (sometimes comic) approach that combines with a female sensibility to give a new spin to age-old tales.