Short Film Program: How We Relate

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Friday, April 19| 10:00 & 11:45 am | Roundhouse Community Centre
It’s all about relationships: how we connect across the gulfs between us, be they physical, emotional or generational. These five films celebrate the capacity of our imaginations, and how they bring warmth to our relationships.

Themes: friendship, love, disability, family relationships, health, courage, adversity and creativity.

Joanna Makes a Friend

Jeremy Lutter Canada - Vancouver 2012 15min

Joanna is ostracized from kids at school. Lonely, she retreats into the books of HP Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe. Her imagination then comes to life, and Joanna builds herself a robot friend from the odds and ends in her father's garage. Instantly popular, she learns that even those you love the most can turn their backs. This gothic and stylized film explores the desire for love and acceptance many of us share.


Director Jeremy Lutter will be in attendance

Measuring in at a height of six feet seven inches tall, Jeremy understands the benefit of standing out in a crowd. His films have strong unique visuals, which gets them noticed. He was raised in Victoria BC Canada and studied Creative Writing at the University of Victoria.His videos have played on MuchMusic, MuchLoud, MuchMore and Bravo!. Jeremy is creative, driven, and always looking for the next challenge.


Marc Reisbig Norway 4min

A young boy's dyslexia overwhelms him as jumbled words come alive and manifest themselves in various forms. He has to reach into his imagination to overcome the nightmare around him. Director Marc Reisberg inventively combines live action and different forms of animation in this film, which is set to Opus 25 Number 6 by Frédéric Chopin.



Neske Beks Netherlands 20min

Nine year old Mookie is a secret agent stationed in the Bijlmer district of Amsterdam, where he lives a life full of dreams, excitement and adventure. At home, as Mamita's little brother and Suyen's son, he's struggling with a strange blood disorder that has an odd name: sickle-cell anaemia. Mookie never behaves like a sick boy. Life seems to come easy to him; he's popular and he's a rapper, a dancer, a kick-boxer and a soccer player. Mookie isn't afraid of anything, he says. But as a secret agent, not a single day goes by that death isn't lurking...

RATING: G (Coarse language)

LANGUAGE: In Dutch with English subtitles

The Letter

Angel Manuel Soto Puerto Rico 14min

This is an unusual love story about a boy's search for inspiration to write a love letter.


LANGUAGE: Spanish with English subtitles

The Storyteller

Nandita Jain United Kingdom 10min

Seven-year-old Nirmala attempts to grapple with the demons of her granddad's dementia when he starts to forget the details of her favourite story.


*Best Animation at the 15th L.A. Shorts Fest 2011*