Short Film Program: Diversity of Magic

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Thursday, April 18, 1:15pm, Vancity Theater (Youth Media Conference)
This collection of diverse international, animated, documentary, and live-action shorts opens the cinematic doors to the real life joys and dilemmas facing today's youth. Playful, poetic and powerful, these stories will pull you all the way in to their wondrous worlds. Select directors will be in attendance for a brief Q&A post-screening.

The Community Partner for this program is:

A Different Perspective

Chris O'Hara Ireland 2min

A visit from an alien life form results in a change of perspective in more ways than one.

RATING: G (Violence)

Bald Guy

Maria Bock Norway 12min

A young man comes home to his parents with an important announcement, setting the stage for a fun musical set in the streets of a small Norwegian town.


LANGUAGE: Norwegian with English susbtitles

From Point A to Point Z

Karl Staven USA 5min

These people are so excited to be able to move in such amazing ways from the letter A to the letter Z.

RATING: G (Violence)

How To Eat Your Apple

Erick Oh USA 2min

This surrealistic animation short shows human nature and it’s essence in the circle of life.


Mia and the Minotaur

Florian Schnell Germany 35min

Eight-year-old Mia loves it when her brother Levin reads stories to her, like the one about the horrible Minotaur, the creature with a human body and the head of a bull. Then suddenly, she is no longer allowed to see Levin because of his addiction – or so her mum says. But Mia doesn’t understand and lets Levin into their apartment secretly. Suddenly he starts behaving very differently…This short drama, which includes some imaginative animated sequences, is about a young girl’s helplessness as her older brother’s life becomes more and more dominated by his drug addiction.

RATING: PG (Drug use; coarse language)

LANGUAGE: German with English subtitles


Eric Bates Canada 4min

A young man named Charles, who has just lost his home, spends one last day with his best friend, a sea turtle, before saying goodbye and moving on.  Eric Bates' website is an outlet for his thoughts, creative ideas, and work.



Eric Bates graduated from the animation department at the Emily Carr University of Art (Vancouver, Canada) in 2003. Since then, he's travelled in Canada, England, and Australia, and worked in some great studios doing animation/VFX. At the moment he's completing a Masters degree in experimental animation at the Kyoto University of Art and Design (Japan), where he's had the chance to experiment, work on some personal projects, experience life in Japan, and become a ninja.

Thank You

Pendleton Ward and Thomas Herpich USA 11min

A snow golem is attacked in the forest by his species' mortal enemy, a pack of fire wolves, who accidentally leave a cub behind after their retreat. The golem's solitary life is then thrown comically into chaos as he attempts to care for the cub while fighting danger to reunite the cub with its family. The film is directed by Pendleton Ward, the creator of Cartoon Network's hit animated show, Adventure Time and storyboard artist, Tom Herpich.

RATING: G (Violence)

The Country of Wolves

Neil Christopher Canada 12min

 In this traditional Inuit story, two brothers find themselves adrift on broken sea ice while out hunting for seal. They drift in the darkness for many days, until the ice they are on settles on the shore of a strange and distant land--a land where men can shape-shift into wolves and music and merriment can be the sounds of danger. Quickly the brothers realize that in the Country of Wolves, nothing is what it seems.

RATING: G (Violence)

Trixi Goes To The Moving Pictures

Kristen Campbell / Sitji Chou Canada 2min

Trixi, mascot of the ITFS Festival in Stuttgart, Germany, is celebrated in this fun, colorful short!  Made as part of the Crazy Horse Competition 2012, participants had 48 hours to create and complete a short piece of animation.


Sitji Chou is a freelance animator based in various cities because of his love for travel, but mainly in Vancouver or Calgary. In 2011, he graduated from Emily Carr with a BMA in Animation, winning two animation awards in that year: a Leo for Best Student Production for his thesis film, Peter & the Space Between; and the ITFS Animation Jam, co-produced with Kristen Campbell. He likes to bake pie and is striving to improve his pie-bakery.