Through film viewing, master classes and production classes, secondary school students get to work with and learn from some of Vancouver’s top film industry professionals during half- and full-day programs at the Vancity Theatre.

Mere Phantoms Interactive Shadow Workshop


In this 45-minute workshop participants will work with paper and light to explore how three-dimensional objects become two-dimensional shadows. Each participant will create a three-dimensional paper cut-out modeled after the techniques employed by Mere Phantoms in their interactive shadow installations.

In the first segment of the workshop, Mere Phantoms artists will demonstrate one of the paper-cut techniques they use in their work, and will guide participants through a design and creation process. The pieces made by the group will be combined with previously made examples to create a small-scale paper-based installation.  In the second segment of the workshop participants will use Mere Phantoms hand-held light wands to explore how their pieces translate in light and shadow.

The workshop will be hands-on and experiential, and will play on scale, light and shadow, and the creative use of negative and positive space.

Recommended for Grades 2-12

This workshop is offered in French or English and is available by pre-registration with a film booking only. Space is limited.
Please contact education@r2rfestival.org or call 604-224-6162


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Alfie, the Little Werewolf

ORIGINAL TITLE: Dolfje Weerwolfje

LANGUAGE: Dutch with English subtitles

PRECEDED BY: Kali le petit Vampire

When the full moon rises on the night of his seventh birthday, strange things begin to happen to shy little Alfie: he suddenly grows sharp claws and white fuzzy hair, and begins to howl at the moon. Alfie soon realizes he is no longer a regular kid — he has turned into a werewolf! Only his brother Timmie knows, but with Alfie attacking his neighbour’s chickens and biting a bully in the leg, it won’t be long until his secret is revealed. Alfie just wants to be an ordinary boy again, but with the help of his loving family and a mysterious, hairy stranger, he may learn that what makes each person different is also what makes them special. The film is based on a series of popular children's books by Dutch author Paul Van Loon.

Do you like werewolves? Click here for Werewolf News.

Themes: celebrating differences, recognizing talents, growing up, feeling alone, bullying

Content Advisory: minimal comedic violence, unseen animal death (eaten), biting

Rating: PG ( Violence)

Recommended for ages 8 to adult

Awarded European Children’s Film Award at the 17th International Film Festival for Children and Young Audience in Schlingel, Germany

Following the film,  you are invited to contribute 3D shadow puppets, paper cut-outs, and your own body's shadow to the Mere Phantoms' Installation in the Atrium. This interactive shadow installation is designed to engage young audiences in animating and illuminating space adventures.  Paper cutouts will be suspended inside the lobby of the Vancity Theatre. The Mere Phantoms artists will demonstrate one of the paper-cut techniques they use in their work, and will guide participants through a design and creation process.  Then watch it grow over the weekend.

This workshop is offered to school groups as part of our Talent Lab program, in French or English.

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