Youth Filmmakers Showcase

Thursday, April 18, 4:00 pm | Vancity Theatre

Now in its fifth year, this inspiring and energizing program of shorts made by youth across British Columbia is followed by an awards ceremony and notes from a Jury of some of Vancouver’s top film professionals.  An audience award will also be determined by secret ballot, so be sure to come and cast your vote. This program is 90 min in length and is followed by a short reception in the Atrium of the theatre.

 2013 finalist films

Absence // 6 min
Marie-Rose, Huellas-Bruskiewicz
In a dystopian future in which we must hide our identity, is it worth the risk of removing our mask?
Autumn Wings // 6 min
Kora Vanerlip, Sara Nunn, Marina Lee, Lukas Vanderlip, Maia Nunn
Jillian must decide if what's holding her back - is worth holding on to.
Beautiful Bravery // 4 min
Andrea Pothiboon, Savanna Todd, Gvna Estillore
A young woman's personal account of her struggle with social pressure, shows the lengths she’ll go to - to hide her identity.
The Bucket List // 6 min
Penny Cornwall, Tiffany So, Michelle You
Penny follows through on a promise to honour the memory of Tiffany and transforms loss into hope for a brighter future without her friend.
Bullet Mouth // 1 min
Emily Singh, Ginger Lau, Sarah Kim, Emma Lin
Literal takes on new meaning, and reveals the true power of our words.
Derrick // 5 min
Lelinh Du, Braden Batsford, Quinton Lai, Levi Du, Jayson Epistola
Although it seems to be small, a friend's meaningful effort is a heartfelt gesture to do right by his friend Derrick who died.
Despondancy // 5 min
Michael Veniez
In a world where so much of life is regimented and hopeless, one man makes a change.
Fresh Tracks // 4 min
Jonathan Kang, Trevor Clelland
Cycling, as a creative endeavour, becomes a source of inspiration and innovative expression.
Half of a Whole // 7 min
Eric Smith, Cynthia Chao, Jacob Gebrewold
Recounting the past can be a difficult therapy, especially when you've lost half of yourself.
Interview with a Toon // 3 min
Kaya Ogmen
Cartoons, living between the real world and their animated reality, share a unique insight.
Life Through a Lens // 5 min
Samina Martens, Diane Yeo, Ruby Pyke
This film is a celebration of the filmmaking medium.
Motus // 6 min
Ke Deng
Choreographed movement and lighting is set to an original, inspirational score.
My Name is Jeff. // 4 min
Alina Quarin, Sydney DiBenedetto, Alex Vancl
Jeff silently suffers the alienation of a mental health diagnosis.
Nude // 2 min
Sam Massooleh, Riley O'Neill
Videopoetry inspires an atmosphere of protest to the order of the world, and breathes life into the primal drums and fast-cut images of a barren cityscape.
O Sinking Ship // 4 min
Roan Shankaruk
The sea, like love, is as rough as it is comforting. Using hundreds of hand drawn watercolour paintings, the director sings and animates her original music.
A Place to Call Home // 3 min
Kelly Brown, Silas, Adams, Alyshia Adams
A family is the sum of its parts, and a place to call home.
Porcelain // 3 min
Emmaline Holtz
Stunning hints of colour added to black and white cinematography highlight a story of regret and the erosion of innocence.
Sitting on the Fence // 6 min
Ruby Pyke, Cindy Chen, Zoe Wong
Watching from behind the camera provides a safe distance from which to evaluate whether to act on emotions or to keep them hidden.
Smile Machine // 1 min
Eden Lee, Samina Martens, Patty Shi
This animation encourages us to show our true selves. We might have more in common than we think!
She Who Is // 3 min
Siarrah Kane, Christie Kay, Jakub Markiewicz, Alia Youssef
This is an insightful look into how women perpetuate their sisters' oppression in surprising ways.
While the Grown Ups Talk  // 6 min
Sam Massooleh, Ki-Eun Peck, Shay Alford, Sara Lynn Bruhns, Stephanie Serraglio
Abusive behavior is not due to the abuser’s loss of control, but is a deliberate choice made by an abuser in order to control. At the very least, this film will leave you uneasy.
Where We Sleep // 7 min
Ryan Waldner, Trinity Firth, Kenji Pinzon, Bryan Esslambre
Homelessness is a reality for many youth. How did they end up without a home, and where might they go from here?
Note: There is an advisory of coarse language

This program is Rated G

Prizes will be awarded in the following categories: Best Lighting and/or Sound, Best Acting, Best Original Screenplay, Best Direction, Best Picture and Audience Award.

The Jurors

Annat Kennet
Annat worked as an Editor for 15 years in post production including the BBC and Channel 4 in England. She has  directed documentaries, written feature films and has set up training projects for the British Film Institute and Carlton TV. Since coming to Vancouver, she set up the Digital Film Program for Langara College and is currently the Program Manager. Digital Film offers 4 full-time 16 week intensive  certificate programs. Entry is limited to 9 students and some programs are offered 3 times a year. Digital Film Production also has a part time program which takes 2 years to complete and runs on evenings and weekends.

Liz Schulze
Liz is Education Manager of Vancouver’s Pacific Cinémathèque, a non-profit film society dedicated to the understanding of film and moving images.  The program offers resources for youth, teachers, filmmakers, and community groups.  She is also a film and video artist, and is pursing a Master of Fine Arts at SFU.  She has facilitated video production programs, film education seminars, media literacy workshops, and Professional Development events across Canada, focusing on developing media production and critical media literacy skills in teachers and students alike.

Abid Virani
Among Canada’s youngest and most accomplished inspirational speakers, Virani, 22, is a University of Guelph International Development student and cofounder/CEO of the charitable organization ‘I Have Hope in the Fight Against AIDS.’ His many accolades include, but are not limited to:  Guelph Mercury’s Top 40 Under 40 Award, National TD Canada Trust Award of Merit, and the Canadian Top 20 Under 20 Award. Most recently, he was the youngest speaker at TEDx Guelph. Abid is giving a talk at R2R after the screening of his film Start With Us (see our schedule for details).


The Youth Filmmakers Showcase is open to the public and is part of the Youth Media Conference for High School students.




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