Moon Man - Opening Night Gala

Friday, April 12, 2013 - 18:30
Vancity Theatre
1181 Seymour St
$15 adult; $12 child, youth, senior
Stephan Schesch
Ireland, France, Germany


If only Moon Man knew just how much children loved him. But he's not even remotely aware, he's just sitting on the moon, bored stiff, in his lonely silver sphere. One night, a shooting star appears, whizzing through outer space towards the moon. Moon Man seizes his chance, grabs the speeding comet by the tail, and hitches a ride to earth. Earth's arrogant president regards this as "an attack from outer space." He is absolutely furious. He has only just conquered the last speck of earth, and defeated all his enemies. Now aliens from another planet are attacking his dominion. The only traces they find of the intruder are silvery footprints near the edge of the crater’s impact. Meanwhile, the world's children are unable to sleep without seeing the Moon Man in the night sky, leading him to seek help from a kindly scientist who lives in a castle by the sea full of charming Rube Goldberg-like devices. While escaping the president and his soldiers, Moon Man sets off on a long journey, where he marvels at the many wonders the earth has to offer and realizes how much children love and need him.

Based on the bestselling book by Tomi Ungerer, the film's well-chosen moon tunes include Louis Armstrong’s Moon River. Moon Man is co-produced by Le Pacte and the Oscar-nominated Irish production company Cartoon Saloon, responsible forThe Secret of Kells (R2R, 2009). The animation - by Irish animators Fabian Erlinghauser (The Secret Of Kells), Sean McCarron (Song Of The Sea) and Marie Thorhauge (Old Fangs) – is impressively true to Ungerer’s style.

Themes: loneliness, adventure, difference, understanding and acceptance

Rating: G

Recommended for ages 7 to adult

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Followed by R2R's Opening Night Party!

The celebration of all things lunar will continue with a reception in the Atrium. A special guest performance by local space-lovers Wintermitts and orbital shadow show by Montreal's Mere Phantoms

More surprises for the Opening Gala will be announced shortly. Check back closer to the festival.


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Stephan Schesch
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Stephan Schesch was born in Munich, studied at Munich Academy of Film, and began his career as a writer for television. He decided to specialize in animation during an internship at Film Roman (The Simpsons) in 1995. He has produced animated television series and feature films, including Hood (2001), The Cave of the Yellow Dog (2005) and The Three Robbers (R2R, 2007). He has produced over a dozen animation films and television series, and headed the animation studios Odeon, Ellipse and Animation X. Moon Man is his feature directorial debut.