Mere Phantoms Interactive Shadow Installation & Workshop

Sunday, April 14, 2013 - 10:30
Vancity Theatre - Atrium
1181 Seymour Street
$15 adult; $10 child, youth, senior
Jaimie Robson, Maya Ersan

In this 90-minute workshop participants will work with paper and light to explore how three-dimensional object translate into two-dimensional shadow based imagery. Each participant will create a three-dimensional paper cutout modeled after the techniques employed by Mere Phantoms in their interactive shadow installations.

In the first segment of the workshop Mere Phantoms media artists will demonstrate one of the paper-cut techniques they use in their work, and will guide participants through a design and creation process. The pieces made by the group will be combined with examples by Mere Phantoms to create a small-scale paper-based installation.  In the second segment of the workshop participants will use Mere Phantoms hand-held light wands to explore how their pieces translate in light and shadow.

Mere Phantoms has been featured in galleries and art spaces across Canada. The workshop will be hands-on and experiential, and will play on scale, light and shadow, and the creative use of negative and positive space.

Recommended for ages 6+ with parents, grandparents, or guardians. Instruction is available in both French and English. Workshop by pre-registration only. Please contact or call 604-224-6162.

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Director's Bio: 
Mere Phantoms is the Montreal-based creative studio of artists Maya Ersan and Jaimie Robson. In their work as Mere Phantoms, Maya and Jaimie draw on traditions of shadow puppetry, animation, and early cinema to create interactive installations and performances using light and shadow as their primary medium. Exploring the ephemeral qualities of time-based media, these installations are site-specific and respond to the character of the given venue. They present this interactive work at outdoor street festivals, educational settings, and in gallery and museum spaces. In their interactive installations, they invite the audience to take on an active role in animating the work. Using hands-on creation to activate memory and the imagination, each of Mere Phantoms installations responds to a particular theme. Some examples of previous work include history and the city (Montreal in Shadow, 2011-2012); and the sense of loss as it relates to urbanization (Suspended Narratives, 2012).