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A Different Perspective

Chris O'Hara Ireland 2min

A visit from an alien life form results in a change of perspective in more ways than one.

RATING: G (Violence)


Andrew Hinton India 10min

Amar is top of his class. He is also his family's top breadwinner, working two jobs six and a half days a week. This observational documentary follows Amar through his daily life.


LANGUAGE: Hinidi with English subtitles


Saskia Gubbels Netherlands 15min

A self-confident and buoyant twelveyear-old, Azza is at a crossroads, about to make an important decision. Will she be loyal to her family’s culture or follow her Dutch classmates?


LANGUAGE: Dutch with English subtitles

Bald Guy

Maria Bock Norway 12min

A young man comes home to his parents with an important announcement, setting the stage for a fun musical set in the streets of a small Norwegian town.


LANGUAGE: Norwegian with English susbtitles

Big Mouth

Andrea Dorfman Canada 9min

Big Mouth is a short animated film about our relationship to the truth. It’s a whimsical story of words, childhood, and what makes us unique.


From Point A to Point Z

Karl Staven USA 5min

These people are so excited to be able to move in such amazing ways from the letter A to the letter Z.

RATING: G (Violence)


Afarin Eghbal UK/Argentina 10min

In a small apartment in Buenos Aires, a woman eagerly awaits the birth of her grandchild and all the joys of becoming a grandmother. However, horrific circumstances force her to wait over thirty years. This film explores the traumatic ramifications of General Videla’s military dictatorship in Argentina from 1976–1983, whereby an estimated 30,000 men, women and children “disappeared.” Using real-life testimonials from members of the “Grandmothers of May Square,” this animated documentary raises issues of memory and loss. The film is testament to the extraordinary tenacity of these women who continue fighting for the truth about their missing relatives.

RATING: PG (Theme of violence)

LANGUAGE: Spanish with English subtitles

How To Eat Your Apple

Erick Oh USA 2min

This surrealistic animation short shows human nature and it’s essence in the circle of life.


Mia and the Minotaur

Florian Schnell Germany 35min

Eight-year-old Mia loves it when her brother Levin reads stories to her, like the one about the horrible Minotaur, the creature with a human body and the head of a bull. Then suddenly, she is no longer allowed to see Levin because of his addiction – or so her mum says. But Mia doesn’t understand and lets Levin into their apartment secretly. Suddenly he starts behaving very differently…This short drama, which includes some imaginative animated sequences, is about a young girl’s helplessness as her older brother’s life becomes more and more dominated by his drug addiction.

RATING: PG (Drug use; coarse language)

LANGUAGE: German with English subtitles

Petra's Poem

Shira Avni Canada 5min

With candor and grace, Petra Tolley describes what it's like to live with a developmental disability in today's society. Written and performed by Tolley, this intimate portrait reveals her innermost fears and doubts, illuminating the reality of her existence. Beautifully crafted animation by Avni combines with deeply personal poetry to give voice to one woman's journey towards self-discovery and acceptance.